Martin Sproul
I have been taking photographs since I was 14 – that’s a long time.
I started with a cheap and fully manual SLR camera, forcing me into a steep learning curve to ensure I didn’t waste every roll of film. Yes, film! I used rolls of film at first then progressed to shooting and developing my own slides. That was me hooked for life. In 1992 I began exploring the new territory of digital photography and have been continually expanding my knowledge.
I have sold several hundred photographs over the years, have been honoured to photograph many couples’ weddings, and have been commissioned for commercial and promotional work. Nowadays, when I am not photographing weddings, I plan and run photography workshops and training courses.
I am a qualified Adobe Professional (Photoshop) and a qualified instructor. I have over eight years of experience as an industry trainer, which, coupled with my knowledge, experience and passion for photography, ensures that all my courses are meticulously designed and delivered with enthusiasm. It is always a joy to further people’s knowledge and inspire their photography.